How to Build Customer Relationships long after onboarding

Customer Service relied on the “Relationship” to smooth the way; Customer Experience gave us good governance. Now with the advent of all of the above, we do need a “Customer Success” methodology built into the business that with technology will assist in building relationships long after onboarding and the “Honey Moon” period. 

We need this to ensure that we create ongoing relationships for the foreseeable future to improve the overall brand experience and customer retention. Customer acquisition is expensive and customer retention just makes common sense in the ever-evolving world of work.

Many CEO’s and CFO’s today are concerned about the “Hanging Baskets”, the lost up-sell and cross-sell opportunities. Even though businesses are dedicated to improving the overall customers experience utilising analytics, BIG DATA, VOC, NPS, and a whole load of KPI’s that used to make sense, the customer churn remains high - why is this?

Customer Experience World 2018 (CEW2018) is the event where business executives will get together to discuss and learn how to implement a Customer Success Program addressing business concerns such as decreasing customer churn and increasing customer retention. 

The Focus Group as the custodians of CEW 2018 sourced and invited the elite, the experts, the thoughts leaders and the business executives with the most experience in the field of Customer Success to reveal and share their Customer Success Program implementation methods, advice, and insights.

Implementing successful Customer Success Programs is the future for all organisations