How can a customer data platform improve customer experience?

By Chris Ward

What role can a CDP play in unifying customer data, and ultimately, customer experiences?

Elon Musk may have lost his way down some dark caverns in the last year or so, but one thing that never left him during this time is his unique understanding of what makes a great experience for Tesla customers.

Take his personal delivery of a Model 3 to some proud new owners in July:

Or his response to a Tweet from a disgruntled prospect looking to buy a car late last year:

In both these cases, Musk had the nous and charisma to do something many brand leaders aren’t capable of – tap into the emotional and tangible characteristics that make or break customer experiences, and fix them when they aren’t quite right.   

Yet this alone is not enough. At Tesla, this is just one small aspect of what makes the overall experience a heralded one. At its core is data. Reams and reams of data.  

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Author: Chris Ward is Editor of MyCustomer. He is a practiced editor, having worked as a copywriter for creative agency, Stranger Collective from 2009 to 2011 and subsequently as a journalist covering technology, marketing and customer service from 2011-2014 as editor of Business Cloud News. He joined MyCustomer in 2014.