Get to the Heart of the Matter by Quantifying Emotion

We like to think we’re capable of making purely logical decisions - but we’d be lying to ourselves. Studies show that many of our decisions are greatly influenced by emotion. 

And while marketers have long understood this fact, savvy marketers are upping the ante by harnessing greater data insights and analytics tools.

There are now ways to better connect with customers using algorithms that identify the underlying emotions in text and speech and convert those insights into action.

Why do emotionally connected customers matter? Emotionally connected customers buy more of your products, exhibit less price sensitivity, are less likely to churn, pay more attention to your communications, and recommend you more. What’s more, customers who are emotionally connected with a brand are 52 percent more valuable than customers who are just highly satisfied, reports Harvard Business Review.

At the same time, emotions are:

Individual - How we react to an event or situation is dependent upon what we have experienced before and no two people (including twins) have had exactly the same experiences.

Author Peter Dorrington, Director of Customer Insights, TTEC Digital

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