Building a world class CX

By Myles F. Suer

In digital transformation, customer experience is a major path forward for multiple digital business models. But are CIOs ready to help serve it up?

In the new book, “What is Your Digital Business Model”,  Peter Weill and Stephanie Woerner claim that no longer can CIOs be merely responsible for back office systems or simply be ‘order takers’. Success at transformation for consumer-focused businesses, they say, depends on a CIO’s ability to drive their enterprise’s capabilities to integrate, create a multichannel experience, or a single view of customer or services that couple products with data. This importantly means CIOs need to become obsessive about innovation, and deeply engaged with their counterparts especially Chief Marketing Officers. In order to do this, CIOs need firsthand knowledge of customer pains, so they can determine the initiatives that will create a better customer experience.

What goes into a world class CX?

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Author - Myles F. SuerChief Platform EvangelistCIO