17 Important Customer Experience Statistics for the Call Center (by fonolo.com)

Every contact center has the potential to deliver a great customer experience. An organization’s ability to provide an experience that sets them apart in the market is the ultimate way to create a competitive advantage.   We all know that customers are the lifeblood of any business and unless their perception of your brand is optimal, your business will not succeed. Companies that focus on providing an outstanding customer service experience ultimately reap the benefits – more loyalty, better acquisition, increased spend.   What do Customer Service and Call Center Managers Need to Know?   Simple, it boils down to the facts. What does your call center or customer service industry see in terms of statistics and numbers? More importantly, how can you take advantage of these metrics and set yourself above the rest? Here are 17 prevalent statistics affecting the customer experience in your service facing organization.  
  1. 89% of consumers who experience poor service with your brand will leave for your competition. (Forrester)
  2. 91% of customers said they would use an online knowledge base if it were available and tailored to their needs. (Zendesk)
  3. Live assistance has the highest satisfaction rate, with 69% of customers saying that their questions are fully addressed over the phone. (Forrester)
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