10 Digital Transformation Statistics Businesses can no longer Ignore

We all have the distinct impression that Robotics’ is the harbinger of Doom.  I view people’s attitudes against the rise of the machine and software manipulation (Diesel Gate), manipulations of analytics to outweigh the outcome in your favour as bad practice; however, we are now looking at what you are going to have to do to remain competitive.

Ok, I get it! Bot can do the work of seven never tires and never takes holidays! Whoopee, great let’s do it and save loads of bucks and reward the shareholders.

On the other hand let’s look at this sensibly as we need to address where Robotics and Ai are going to help in the business, as this now gives time for frontline staff to answer more queries of a complex nature.  

Did you know only 4% of organisations are actively involved in redesigning their front-end processes to remove the mundane and repetitive jobs to the past? Great, but it only proves you will still need human intervention. In a recent report by Forrester, automation will transform the workplace, displacing 22.7 million jobs in the US by 2025. We have even heard figures of a 30% to 200% saving in the first year and that is not surprising, but we have to be cautious as how much knowledge do we transfer out of the business.

Also, consider the following critically important statistics:
1.    25% of executives expect digital to create better customer experiences - Global Digital IQ Survey, PWC, 2015
2.    Only 5% of organisations feel that they have mastered digitally to a point of differentiation from their competitors - Digital Transformation In The Age Of The Customer, Forrester / Accenture, 2015
3.    26% of organisations are ‘completely ready’ to execute digital strategies - Digital Transformation In The Age Of The Customer, Forrester, Accenture, 2015
4.    The top three digital transformation drivers are improved customers experience, increased speed of innovation and improved-time-to market - Leading Digital Business Transformation, Forrester / Squiz / SugarCRM, 2016
5.    29% of organisations currently see ‘metrics and measurements’ as critical to their digital success -  Digital Transformation In The Age Of The Customer, Forrester / Accenture, 2015
6.    Digital leaders consistently rate usability, customer experience, and creative skills as some of the hardest skills to recruit for Staffing And Hiring - For Digital Business, Forrester, 2016
7.    57% of organisations say that implementing key digital technologies is critical to enabling their digital business - Digital Transformation In The Age Of The Customer, Forrester / Accenture, 2015
8.    88% of firms are using third-party providers for at least one component of their digital transformation -  Digital Transformation In The Age Of The Customer, Forrester / Accenture, 2015
9.    By 2018, 80% of B2C companies will have created immersive, authentic  omni-experiences for customers, partners, and employees; 60% of B2B-centric companies will have done the same - IDC Future Scape: Worldwide Digital Transformation 2016 Predictions, IDC, 2015
10.    In the next twelve months, 52% of businesses plan to establish new digital governance and transformation management - Digital Transformation In The Age Of The Customer, Forrester / Accenture, 2015 (Source: Jake Hird, Strategy Consultant;101 Digital Transformation Statistics (2016) )

In the 2017 Customer Experience World Conference we will be looking at People, Process and Technology and how we can redesign a digital front end experience with the customer at the forefront of your thinking. Now before you set off in hot pursuit of failure, the software world is moving at a pace that is almost unfathomable at times, so what are you going to learn during the conference:-

1.    2017 to 2018 Customer Experience and Trends and Predictions
2.    Employee Experience and Best Practice
3.    What are the primary Drivers for change?
4.    How you manage Perception and reality? 
5.    Could neuroscience help you to design a better customer experience?
6.    How does your customer decision mechanism work?
7.    Understand tactics to drive improvement of your customer acquisition and retention!
8.    Learn methods to translate innovation ideas and a winning strategy into actionable tactics that deliver.

We understand the drivers, however, what are the detractors and this is going to be hard as consumer confidence is at an all-time low! Robotics might resolve some issues but it will drag a lot more up! 

So if you are into looking at an introduction into robotics process automation or want to learn how this is going to affect the customer and employee experience then the Customer Experience World Conference in Cape Town on the 26th July is a must go to event.