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“Making the world more customer centric” – this is our goal and the foundation of everything we do. We believe that exceptional customer experience is what you get when you combine innovative technological solutions, a customer-centric mindset and the desire to listen to the voice of the customer.  

Smoke Customer Care Solutions is made up of talented people who are just as passionate about customer service as their CEO Andrew Cook is. All members of staff are experts in their fields and this allows us to make a difference to our customers and the company culture.

We are Africa’s premium customer experience management company. With deployments in 26 countries and representation in Europe and the USA, Smoke CCS is taking voice of the customer thought-leadership technology and methodologies to the rest of the world. We provide customer experience management solutions, consulting and knowledge transfer to bridge the gap between what customers are saying and what businesses need to know.

Our market-leading feedback technology enables businesses to adapt quickly to the rapidly changing customer requirements and viewpoints by listening to the actual voice of the customer. This enables customer satisfaction at all touch points. Our focus is to empower companies to sustain a customer centric environment.

With the ability to listen to the voice of the customer through 14 channels (including, IVR, SMS, USSD, Email, Web, CATI, CAPI, Social media, Kiosks and QR codes), we can help any company understand  and take immediate action on experience at every touch point in a way that is convenient and effortless to your customers.

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