Service Systems | The Badge Sponsor and Exhibitor

Service Systems is a consumer service management and rating platform that offers wireless technology solutions for Customer Service Feedback and surveys, as well as Linear (Retail) and Ticket-Based Virtual Queue Management Systems. We offer real-time data on customer service and satisfaction levels, staff performance, and general operational & analytical feedback. 

Our cloud-based big data and retail analytics solutions give management the ongoing ability to benchmark staff and overall service performance, as well as implementing real-time in-store market research. is the latest addition to our basket and gives retailers and other service driven businesses a mobile channel for receiving surveys, feedback, compliments, complaints and suggestions. Rain Check, our key feature, enables customers to log a query for an out of stock item. Merchants can track this through to completion and ensure that customers find the goods they are looking for and keep the sale.

These systems are currently implemented throughout South Africa in retail and client-service oriented environments. Service Systems has also progressed into the overseas market with installations in neighbouring African countries (Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe), as well as Europe.