Mulberry Consulting | Exhibitor

We are a leading customer experience consultancy with global experience in a range of industries. Using our practical, operational know-how, we bring clarity and confidence to customer-focused change. Using best-in-class tools and proven approaches, we move beyond theory into the practical realities of driving and managing change in large organisations. 

It’s no accident that we number among our long-standing clients several of the largest and most complex businesses in the world, in any category or industry. We have a solid track record of applying our customer experience capabilities to help solve a business challenge or to embed the customer dimension into the daily operational rhythm. Without exception we enabled them to understand today's reality, create the vision and priorities for change and then build a clear line of sight from activity to improved business value

We know that great customer experiences don’t happen by accident; they are designed with intent and fuelled with data. And, a great customer experience is touched by almost all parts of a business, some directly and others indirectly. At the heart of our approach is our world-class approach to Customer Journey Mapping, recognised by Forrester Research Inc as global best practice. We help our clients build a relentless outside-in focus on the detail, which starts with systematically ‘mapping’ the current and desired future experiences, and ensuring that behind the scenes, the process infrastructure works, and clear ownership and accountability is established.

So that’s what we think makes us a little different and our clients think so too:

“They are...a flexible organisation, who easily adapts to the needs of the enterprise…….transparent and forthright with observations, they do not just play back what we already know. They demonstrate...a professional approach and attitude to problem solving.”