Cvent | Exhibitor

Cvent Web Surveys is an industry-leading enterprise feedback management provider that works with organizations around the globe to help them collect feedback from their various constituents – i.e. customers, employees, partners, etc. Professionals use Cvent Web Surveys to test markets, qualify leads, measure program effectiveness, enhance company culture and gauge stakeholder opinions. 

Key features of Cvent Web Surveys, such as custom reporting, real-time alerts, advanced survey logic, and survey scoring give organizations the tools they need to run Voice of the Employee, Voice of the Customer, and learning and development programs. When organizations effectively deploy survey campaigns with Cvent Web Surveys, they are able to collect timely business intelligence, analyze the results, and take action to make smart improvements that increase their bottom line.

The Cvent Web Surveys Professional Services Group offers survey expertise to organizations with limited time and resources to run effective feedback programs on their own. The Professional Services Group can handle any part of an organization’s survey campaign—from creation and design to strategy and reporting—or they can run the entire survey from start to finish.