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Confirmit helps businesses operationalise feedback to drive change throughout their organisations using the world’s most secure, reliable and scalable solutions for Voice of the Customer, Employee Engagement and Market Research programmes.

Confirmit’s solutions enable companies to run feedback and research programmes that increase revenue, reduce costs and promote culture change.
Confirmit Voices is a customer engagement model that gives you the power to listen to the Voice of the Customer, integrate it with existing data to generate powerful insight, and take action that will deliver real business change. Confirmit Voices uses multi-channel data collection that gives you the power to listen to the Voice of the Customer at every key touchpoint, and brings customer insight alive by incorporating financial and operational data, as well as rich media such as photos and video.
Powerful reporting capabilities give you the ability to analyse the data you gather and automatically generate alerts to tell you when you need to act quickly, saving at-risk customers and driving positive word of mouth. You can easily share information with the people who need it so the insight you gather not only drives short-term, tactical change, but also aids strategic planning that ultimately delivers ROI.