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APPTIQUE (app~teak) helps businesses to grow customer capital
Improved customer experience → Increased consumer loyalty → Increased revenues

Customer Capital
The value of relationships that a business builds with its customers which is reflected in their loyalty to the company, staff and products.

By deploying a range of proprietary models, methods and frameworks which ensure that your entire organisation prioritise customer & staff impacting efforts in a systematic way based on best practice principles.

Through acquiring more customers; retaining existing customers; building deeper relationships; offering more innovative products & services or through penetrating new market segments.

The entire value chain - leadership to front line staff;  internal and external customers;  vendors;  suppliers;  distributors; franchisees;  sponsors;  affiliates;  partners etc.

Unique selling point
Disruptive thinking and technology with a customer-focus that is quick to market, flexible & cost-effective.

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