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Title: Motivational Speaker Company: Business Coach CEO Speaker of the Year

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Having started his own business in 1983 and becoming one of the youngest CEO’s at the age of 26, Nigel quickly realised that running organisations was not that complicated but working with people and getting the most out of them was the challenge.

He did an IPO and having venture capital in his business it occurred to him that understanding people’s personal needs and their communication styles was paramount to their success.

He started working with The Academy for Chief Executives in 1997 and quickly became a sought- after speaker working in many different industries but specialising in peak performance and human development.

  • In 2001 and 2010 he was awarded Speaker of the Year from The Academy for Chief Executives. 
  • In 2005 he was awarded Vistage International Speaker of the Year.
  • In 2009/10 Footdown awarded him Speaker of the Year.

Thus making him the only speaker in Europe to have won all three awards.

Having spoken to more than 1.5 million people worldwide (40 Countries) he has recognised that most people fall into four categories in communication.

Whilst there have been many other models used his method of zoo keeping different animals is now used not only in Police Forces around the Country but also many National Health Trusts.

He is currently working on introducing four new animals to the Zoo!

Nigel currently speaks approximately 100 times a year. His main philosophy is that there is no such thing as difficult customers and staff – there are different customers and staff.

I first heard Nigel speak over 10 years ago and he has remained my all-time favourite speaker. His positivity, passion and nuggets of wisdom truly inspired me. So when we were organising a conference for our Marketing Group of 350 people he was the first speaker booked. We were clear on our brief and Nigel fulfilled that perfectly. Our group are a tough audience, however Nigel’s humour and truly inspirational presentation won them all over. He was the group’s favourite speaker, he doesn’t just inspire on the day, he makes a difference to the way people think and behave. Although I’ve only met Nigel twice – once to brief him and then on the day of the conference, his personable nature made me feel like I’ve known him for years. A fantastic presenter and a wonderful person who I hope I get the pleasure of working with again one day.

Thanks again Nigel.

Deborah Macfarlane
Marketing Capability Manager – Marks & Spencer
  • Read Nigel's latest book The IMPACT Code
  • 'Britain's top Motivational Speaker' Winning Business magazine
  • Founder Member and Fellow of the Professional Speakers Association
  • Motivational and inspirational keynotes 
  • Conferences around the world have been amazed what one hour with Nigel can achieve.
  • Mission, vision and goal setting training's turn Limited Companies Limitless


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