Michael Ossipoff

Title: Director Company: Plain Speak & KAOSS Marketing

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Michael Ossipoff is currently a Director of two organisations. Plain Speak – a boutique advisory and communications based entity. They specialise in helping companies to develop their strategic awareness of the implications and opportunities presented by new and emerging technology and to develop their plans to respond to this world of constant disruption.

He is also a Director of KAOSS Marketing PTY LTD. This company provides services across a variety of Marketing areas including Brand Strategy, “Go to Market” planning, Omni Channel Customer Service strategy development, Brand Consideration and strategic Marketing Plan reviews in both the B2B and B2C market places. 

Prior to this Michael worked with Telstra for 17 years as Telstra’s Director Capability and Innovation.  This operating unit is tasked with taking the entire Telstra product and service portfolio and bringing it to life in the minds of their corporate clients. The role is responsible for explaining and interpreting the implications of new technology trends and developments so that their customers can best prepare themselves to take advantage of emerging opportunities.

Michael has also held positions of Director of iVelocity, a 3.5 billion dollar start up business inside Telstra. 
He has also held the role of Director of Corporate Marketing, responsible for the entire marketing business plan, strategy and tactics. 

Prior to Telstra, Michael was Managing Director of Sun Microsystems Software Business, joining after his Dot Com business , Net Dynamics was acquired by Sun.

He also worked as Marketing and Sales Director at IBM / Lotus Software  and has held international sales and marketing positions with Hewlett-Packard and NCR.

Michael brings over 28 years experience in the IT sector. 

Michael’s perspectives and experiences come from both a major corporate and start up company basis, mixed with his sales and marketing background, as well as his insight from operating his own marketing research company.