Marno Boshoff

Title: Culture Evangelist Company: King Price

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Marno has been helping organizations to strategies and formulate a Master Plan of their dreams and visions into workable structures and implementing those strategies for maximum efficiency. 

Marno has been involved in helping people reach their purpose in life, their creation destiny and fulfilment in what they do in their everyday work environment. Motivating individuals, teams and organisations to reach their full potential is at the heart of all his work. 

Individual development produces greater team development produces greater organisational development produces more effective and efficient companies.

King Price Insurance is a South African based, privately owned company that was founded by Gideon Galloway. The company launched in June 2012 and has created a unique highly engaged culture filled with to the brim with fun and excitement. King Price has become famous for their working environment and internal culture, both of which are a massive driving force their instant success story.

King Price is also best known for its 1 of a kind pricing model, that offers clients insurance premiums that DECREASE monthly, as the value of their car depreciates.
This, together with its award-winning service, fast growing client base (over 100 000 clients, and a growth rate of over 60% per year) and completely unique culture,
clearly sets the company apart from the rest of their competitors. 

King Price was recently granted their commercial license, which they will be launching in July this year
and is backed by the world leader in re-insurance, Munich-Re. The company’s head office is located in Pretoria, which is now home to over 800 happy employees.

Outline keynote

 12:30pm - 13.00pm

  • What does the future of insurance look like/or insurance in the future.
  • Future trends and generation Y
  • What really worked for us at King Price
  • Building a resilient culture that influences customer service.
  • What is culture and how do you build a strong culture..