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Title: Thought Leadership Executive Company: Multiple industries

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Mr. Mokhtar is a world class thought Leadership and an executive with extensive expertise in areas of Marketing, Customer Experience and Digital Transformation. Mr. Mokhtar has a proven success track record of 19+ years at multiple industries. 

As a reputable business executive, Having worked in industries of petroleum, Marketing & Advertising, IT, Telecom, Banking and Gov. across a wide range of solutions and propositions; incumbents and new entrants demonstrates a strong capacity to fully understand business needs, and objectives, identify challenges and opportunities, develop smart cost-effective solutions, and set plans to boost the competitive edge in a way that increases revenues and enhances customers' experience. 

Mr. Mokhtar carries strong leadership and management capabilities across a wide spectrum of commercial pillars; Customer Experience transformation, Marketing Management, Propositions/Product development & product management, processes re-engineering, Sales support, Customer care and Training & Development.

Topic one for the London May CX conference is :
"The 4 Es Customer Experience Excellence Model"

  • What's up with CX (Statistical analogy & probing in CX facts)?
  • What does the customer really want? An Outside-In perspective look on the Customer Experience
  • Definition of Customer Experience & Customer Experience Management
  • Key Considerations on managing a systemic agile VOC program (An action triggering program within your organizational eco system)
  • How to develop an effective "End to End sustainable CX Excellence program"

What Delegates will learn:

  • Introducing the Customer Simulation concept as an integral part of the VOC program across two operators has resulted in a decrease of faulty launched products by an average of 25% and 35 % respectively, which has impact the CSI by 3 points and the NPS by 2 points up
  • The Customer Engagement platforms has increased customer loyalty (measured in CLTV) to move up from an average life time of a 9 months to a 13 months and in another operator, it has increased the top of mind awareness (TOM) from the top 10 to the top 3
  • In another Case, Customer Engagement platforms has brought between 5% - 10% increment to the annual revenue figures with an ROI of 95%+!
  • Adopting the End to end CX program has resulted to decreasing churn by 10 % in one case and has resulted in decreasing the network complaints by 35 % in another case
  • Launching the CX employee programs has brought power and additional resources to the CX roadmap and has resulted in raising the employee satisfaction score by 2 points up for a one year
  • Adopting the Customer Journey mapping for the digital transformation has resulted in shortening the time to market by almost an average 20% from an average of 6-9 weeks to be between 3-5 weeks and has increased Customer Satisfaction
Link to published article on the 4 Es theory/model:


Hany Mokhtar
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