Elisabeth Rochman | UK

Elisabeth Rochman | UK

Title: Director of Innovation, Strategy and Communication

Company: Xerox

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The Future of User Experience – Human & Machine Collaboration


AI is pervasive in our lives. Besides, it has already brought significant improvements to User Experiences. However, there are still significant limitations in AI powered human interfaces. 


For example, we can’t yet have a real conversations with AI bots and they soon present us with a multiple choice of products/services/activities. In addition, and most importantly, algorithms lack transparency and self-explanatory. 

How can we trust their outputs? If humans can today be augmented by Intelligent Assistants, how could those evolve to become the ideal digital twin we need?

I will provide few examples of how AI (and AR) has improved UX (e.g. “the digital glove box”) and give you a “peek” into Xerox PARC’s AI Lab to let you know what we are working on to deliver the next generation of Intelligent Assistants.

About the speaker

Elisabeth Rochman is the Director of Innovation, Strategy and Communication at Xerox EMEA where she leverages Xerox Palo Alto Research Center and technological breakthroughs to co-innovate on the future of work with enterprise customers.

Elisabeth is a French Information Technology Engineer living in London. She has 20 years’ experience in IT solution architecture and business development. She has worked for IT giants like Hewlett Packard as well as tech start-ups and delivered e-voting, e-banking, e-government solutions. She likes to leverage new technology as well as new business strategies to help enterprises disrupt.


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