Testimonials from CEW Johannesburg 2016

Read some of the initial testimonials from our latest event in Johannesburg

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Thank you again for an amazing Customer Experience.

The Key word was Empathy – Customers looking for the personal touch as well as internet friendly information at their fingertips. I personally think applications should be available to be utilised on various devises and as a general / standard tool to be used to speed up the process for information or enquiries on various matters. But also think that we sometimes still need that personal touch as each and every situation is unique and if we have specific needs and enquiries or problems / challenges to be solved that we have that personal touch available as well.
The personal touch is so important as we do have unique cases and needs. We want our personal needs to be heard and to be able to communicate with a human that can identify the human emotion and show that they do indeed have Empathy for our unique situation.

It was my first Customer Experience Conference and clearly the speakers are all extremely sophisticated, knowledgeable and the technology available are impressive and I wonder if the technology, systems from these organisations such as inQuba, Oracle, Genex and Genesys do cater for the likes of smaller organisations or if it is not just there for the bigger players such as the communications, hospitality, banking and other big organisations out there. What can be done to improve technology for the smaller person at a competitive fee.

I was inspired by the fact that both old and young can find a place in an ever fast growing economy and with all the latest technology and methodologies we can stay abreast and improve to make Customer Care an effortless and painless experience for all. No matter how big or small, old or young. The basics of humanity must not be forgotten.

Thank you again for an awesome two day intervention and also the refreshments were just too delicious for words. Very well planned and organised. ..

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Testimonials from our Workshops

My role in Customer Experience is very new to both me and my organization and what I learnt at the workshop is extremely beneficial and useful, especially the emphasis placed on getting a Successful Customer Outcome. The techniques that I learnt has not only taught me how to identify impacts and causes of failure but also, how to prioritize incidences in my processes that needs to be either drastically improved or immediately removed. Taking the emotion and articulating it into a process, very skilful technique.
This workshop has challenged the way I think, and taught me to think innovatively, essentially to reframe my boundaries, and I think that’s important to stay ahead of the game.
The level of after sales support (if I can call it that) has been phenomenal! I appreciate the effort and time that Charles took to ensure that I understand the concepts and techniques that he taught, he has really exceeded my expectations!
Cindy Nankoo, Customer Experience Analyst, Standard Bank ..
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I have had the privilege of working with Maggie and the Focus Group over the past 7 years as a speaker, delegate and industry specialist. The CEW conference series (now presented on three continents) is a accolade to Maggie’s incredible connections, pulse on the rapidly evolving customer space and a dedicated passion to link, share and inform. Fewer conferences are organised as professionally, with as much attention to detail and personalisation as those directed by Maggie and her team.
- Craig Lee, Senior Manager Performance Development - Customer Experience & Brand | Emirates Group ..
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