CEW Awards

Participation in the Peer Awards for Excellence, is special because the judges are the finalists themselves, is easy as you can enter with your existing documentation without modification and is global because entry and judging take place online. 

The Customer Engagement Peer Awards are presented in association with the Peer Awards for Excellence and celebrate innovation in implementing an effective customer service strategy.

Conference delegates will be invited to join in the judging after CEW London and the winners of the awards will be announced and celebrated at the Peer Awards Ceremony in Central London in June 2018.


Award Categories

A Customer Brand
An organisation that successfully uses their customer engagement strengths to enhance their overall brand values in the minds of their customers, leading to their brand being associated in minds with customer experience excellence.

Customer Service
Customers experiencing that products and services meet or exceed expectations, and (possibly) the training that develops customer service staff to excel in customer interactions.

Customer Journey
How customers feel about the series of interactions they have with an organisation via all available channels, for something specific or the entire customer life-cycle.

The customer enjoying true continuity of experience when communicating with your organisation across different forms of interaction.

Voice of the Customer
Capturing, listening to and responding to a customer’s expectations, preferences and aversions.

Technology for Customer Engagement
Technology enabling or assisting with, for instance, communications with customers about their interests and concerns, and helping build strong customer relationships.

Customer Engagement across Cultures/Countries
A Customer Engagement intervention that needs to take account of geographic or cultural diversity, possibly because it is international in scope.

Customer Engagement in the Media
Communicating about a Customer Engagement strategy or intervention to celebrate it within an organisation or externally, for instance using a variety of media.

Influential Customer Engagement Leader
A leader that is demonstrably influential, possibly due to being passionate and focused; confident, assertive and decisive; empowering and communicative.

Effective Customer Engagement Team
A group of interdependent individuals that have formed a unit to successfully share responsibility to accomplish a set of customer-focused goals.

Sound interesting?

Entries are open from any department that works in Customer Service (or similar) including suppliers of relevant products and services.
Entries are open until 27 April 2018.