Why should you go to the Johannesburg Annual Summit

Why attending the Customer Experience World 6th Annual Johannesburg Summit is crucial to business performance? 

A good conference can excel a business or even kickstart an individual career! The difference between a good conference and a GREAT conference is - a GREAT conference offers unparalleled value to the point where CEO’s, Directors and Managers come to view it as THE event of the year, not to be missed!

The Focus Group Customer Experience World 6th Annual Johannesburg Summit is a GREAT conference and stands out as the business event of the year- one that YOUR businesses cannot do without!

This year’s conference is guaranteed to provide even more value than previous years. Here are a few reasons why:-

  • Jeremy Maggs, the Chairperson for the second time is, as a well known TV presenter, familiar with the process of managing the speakers and delegates at a conference ensuring that everybody’s needs are met on the day.

  • Duncan Wallace, one of the international speakers from Australia, was well received at last year ‘s conference. Everyone agreed that Duncan is comfortable addressing large audiences but also committed in providing the delegates with great insight and knowledge. There is already great anticipation to learn more about ‘id-ioT’s or IoB’s’ from Duncan and his workshop on the second day is already being viewed as one the highlights of the conference.

  • Mark Angus, our own South African rising business star having just launched cxi.today, will detail the 2017-2018 Customer Experience trends and predictions

  • Michael Ossipoff, also from Telstra Australia, will lead the discussion and the burning question to most ‘ Who is responsible for Customer Experience?’

The Focus Group have sourced elite global experts and specialists, all actively involved in Customer Experience strategy, design and implementation. The expected audience of over 400 delegates, will learn, grow and network as much from the Speakers as well as fellow delegates.

Can you really afford not to be there?

Day 2 of the Conference is the main attraction of this year’s conference when during the workshops everybody will be able to put into practise the teachings from Day 1.

You will have the opportunity to discuss and ask questions on the CX topics presented in day one and, even more so, be able to implement the tips, tools and techniques learned previously.

Can you really afford not to be there?!

This is the most popular business event, conference of 2017 in South Africa as it is packed with :

  • Information

  • Innovation

  • Ideas

  • Industry experts

With a panel of international speakers along with some of South Africa's top businesses in attendance, this most prestigious event of 2017 has an added touch of style, luxury and elegance of the Southern Sun Montecasino, Johannesburg, as the venue.   

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