What makes a good conference?

Why hold a conference? All year long there are conferences being held in every city in every country, covering every type of topic. So why a conference? 

It’s a great place to:

meet people
bring people together
learn new things
share information
bond together as a team
try out new technology 

Customer Experience World has been running events now for over 15 years and in that time have seen not only huge changes taking place in Customer Experience approach, but also the diversity in ‘attendee requirements’. With customer centricity at the heart of The Focus Group purpose, their understanding of quality information has ensured success year after year.  

What makes a good conference? 

In the conference world there seems to be an unwritten law that, “the success of an event will depend mainly on the event organisers and planners”. For some people this may seem rather off the mark as surely a successful conference has nothing to do with the timetable organisation, décor, goodie bags or choice of canapes - or has it? 

What makes a good Speaker?

A conference wouldn’t be a conference without speakers and Customer Experience World always come up trumps. The perfect blend of speakers for a great event should come from different areas of the same ocean. They should be interesting or inspiring or glamorous or even all three! Some should be well known names and some should be upcoming, ‘ones to watch.’ As a general rule of thumb – a mixed bag wins every time.

This years’ CEW speaker line-up for Johannesburg & London events include:

Celebrity - Jeremy Maggs, Jeremy Nicholas, Geoff Ramm
Innovative - Michael Ossipoff, Blake Morgan, Gideon Galloway
Expertise - Hany Mokhtar, Sarina de Beer, Mark Angus
Characters - Duncan Wallace, Justin Urquhart Stewart whom we are confident will not only inform, educate and enthrall the attendees, but will also entertain. 

Content is King

The content is vital, it should be current, newsworthy and even futuristic. The speakers should be chosen for their confidence and ability to relay their information to the delegates in an easy to understand method. It’s important that attendees are also able to take away the knowledge they have been given. With the CEW events, we go one step further with the afternoon of Day 2 being a hands- on workshop type session. This will allow the attendees to put into practice the tools and techniques they have learned previously. 

Location, location, location. 

Although most of the conference is spent in one large room, it’s important to elevate the event by choosing an interesting location. The CEW Johannesburg conference this year is being held at the amazing Southern Sun Montecasino, a luxurious setting with landscape gardens and swimming pool for guests. With special room rates offered to delegates you can be sure of a thoroughly relaxed stay giving you the opportunity to really make the most of the 2 Day event. 

Organisation and communication

Attendees don’t want to spend time finding where they have to go so it’s important that maps and directions are distributed beforehand. Name badges identifying Company and job role are also handy, and can facilitate with networking opportunities. 

With Facebook live and ‘as it happens’ news on Twitter, the conference of today needs to be transmittable and accessible at the push of a button. With this in mind it’s important that Wifi login details are highly visible. CEW conferences position their marketing team on hand to film, interview and relay messages out throughout both days, with extensive post conference follow up. This ensures that the information being relayed over the 2 Days reaches out to all delegates. 

Business opportunities

As entertaining and educational as a conference may be, for many people it’s a business opportunity. Whether you are a sponsor, media partner or delegate the footfall of industry experts and company employees provide a wonderful opportunity for networking. For many companies it’s a golden ticket to furthering your client base and for individuals it’s a great place to move up the career ladder. CEW delegates, sponsors and media partners come from various avenues of industry, all open to networking opportunities

Customer Experience World is looking forward to seeing how conferences will change over the next 15 years but for now we look forward to seeing you at our 2 main events this year:

March 22-23 Johannesburg - More details and booking
May 23-24 London - More details and booking

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