What is the next wave of Customer Experience

For businesses today setting up and maintaining structures to provide world class, best practice customer service can be a daunting task. It is complex and understanding the actual customer need, striving towards creating happy customers with every interaction is a challenge business face daily. Competition is fierce and it is now an accepted fact that the customer is the currency for any business. The customer is in charge and with access to IoT, chatbots and AI customers can choose how and when to interact and engage with a business of their choice.

It, therefore, makes sense for a business to be prepared and to invest in gaining in-depth understanding and knowledge of how to deal with this next wave of customer experience.  Businesses are now preparing to meet the demands of customers in a totally different form of engagement than before. Just relying on known structures such as brick and mortar information centres or telephony driven contact centres will not serve a business and their customers well in this next wave of customer experience.

There has never been a better time than now, to stand together and learn from each other how to prepare your business for the new customer expectations ensuring that your business stays relevant and competitive.

The Customer Experience World, a conference created and managed by The Focus Group, has for the last 15 years assisted businesses globally to have access to the latest and future trends of customer experience. It is a conference where international customer experience experts, specialists and thought leaders stand together, sharing and revealing their knowledge and methods with businesses. The conference also offers a platform where businesses can brainstorm and find answers to their most burning questions that can be implemented immediately.

Interesting though the Customer Experience World conference is also known to lead by example and has risen to the occasion in 2017, by offering a conference displaying the effectiveness of the next wave of customer experience.

Most conference attendees are accustomed to registrations tables, standing and waiting in long queues while others search for name tags and willing assistants tick attendees’ names of a list. At the Customer Experience World of 2017, you will be introduced to automated registration self-help kiosks, provided by Human Interactive Technology (HIT). The customers of The Focus Group are pleasantly surprised to find a registration process that lasts only 8 seconds, from selecting their name on a touch screen kiosk to printing their own name tags. No more lengthy registration queues an experience true to the HIT slogan: Tomorrow’s Technology Today!

During the Customer Experience World conference attendees will stay informed by utilising mobile technology. The Focus Group partnered with Apptique to improve their customer experience through deploying Apptique Engage Mobile Application Platform. Conference attendees will download the app on their mobile devices to be informed and to stay engaged for the duration of the conference. The Apptique mobile solution opens communication channels and encourages engagement like never before.

These are just two examples of the new wave customer experience for the Customer Experience World conference attendee and can be viewed here: http://www.focusgroupevents.com/video-zone/cew-johannesburg-2017-highlights

The customer experience next wave will demand experiences the customer wants. The ROI  in finding the best CX solutions for your business will be measured in customer currency!