Watch: Meet our Top Women Award Winner Speaker: Kay Vittee

Kay Vittee is the CEO of the Adcorp’s Support Staffing portfolio: Charisma Health Solutions, Kelly and Quest Staffing Solutions (Pty) Ltd. An astute business woman, Kay holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration (MBA), a Bachelor of Commerce Degree in Banking and Economics, as well as various other financial and marketing qualifications from reputable institutions including the International Customer Management Institute (ICMI). 

With Kay at the helm, Quest has driven transformation and diversity in the industry, exceeding diversity targets and implementing programmes to ensure the success of these. Kay has pledged her ongoing support to advancing equality between women and men in business, and in appreciation of her efforts in this regard, has been awarded the DTI’s - CEO’s Leading the Way Award, the Top Woman Award for outstanding contribution and commitment to the empowerment of women, and the Oliver Empowerment Award for the Top Empowered Female Leader of the Year 2015. In 2016 she was celebrated by the Adcorp Group when she won the prestigious Adcorp Chairman’s Award. 

Kay Vittee will be sharing invaluable insights in the field of Customer Experience, focusing on people management, at the Customer Experience World Annual Summit (CEW2017), which will be held at the Townhouse Hotel, Cape Town on 26 July 2017. 

See the video below as Kay Vittee talks about the importance of attending the CEW2017 conference to businesses in South Africa.

What will you Learn: 

Securing the right people starts with understanding, the elements that make up a great customer experience from a client perspective, followed by a selection of candidates with qualities that are essential in providing such a service. The use of AI in the predictive process when sourcing these candidates is critical. It is important to note that since customer experience has a “touch” component, despite the use of smart technology such as AI for identifying and recruiting CX professionals, there is a need to incorporate face-to-face contact in the recruitment process for some CX roles or indeed to offer training that enhances requisite skills for great customer experience. 

The end to end process requires a unique fusion of technology and human workforce components. The future of recruitment will be an integrated solution. Therefore, my topic will focus on securing the right people to drive excellent CX. 

It will look at: 

• What are the elements that actually drive that experience and 

• What are the qualities that one needs to select the people that will deliver service 

Furthermore, it will give tips on: 

• Social media- how to use and leverage social media in order to source and suitable candidates 

• Artificial intelligence- making sure, we use predictive analytics that will drive the right culture fit 

• Innovative sourcing solution- looking at training to develop and retain the necessary skills set

At the global Customer Experience World Annual Summit we will focus on the customer experience transformation, as a business competitive differentiation, requiring a revolutionary digital strategy. It is not about how you incorporate technology into your business but rather how you use people, process and technology to create new opportunities for your business, ensuring your company serves the customer of today and tomorrow, meeting their expectations.

Learn more how to secure the right people and the elements that make up a great customer experience from a client perspective at the CEW2017 Conference. 

Registrations are open for Cape Town, SA!