Harrods: The Impact of Employee Engagement on CX

Harrods received the Top Employers United Kingdom 2017 certification for being one of the best places to work. We find out why.

One of the biggest challenges for a retail management team is to understand their customers’ wants and needs - while also gaining insights into their lifestyles - in order to deliver the best possible experience to them. 

It is a well-known fact that organisations that provide a great employee experience (EX) see this trickle down to their customers. As Richard Branson says: “If you take care of your employees, they will take care of your clients.” 

The Harrods Service DNA

One such retailer that is doing this is Harrods. Known to most people for its world-famous seasonal Christmas department and Food Halls that captivate shoppers, Harrods has been named the top-ranking consumer retailer in this year's Glassdoor's Best Places to Work 2017, based entirely on feedback from its own employees. The luxury department store also ranks number 4 on LinkedIn’s top companies list in the UK and was awarded the exclusive Top Employers United Kingdom 2017 certification. 

At Harrods, service is part of the team’s DNA and is a key aspect of the department store’s differentiation strategy as a luxury retail department store. Employee training and development are extremely important to make sure sales teams have full expertise to be able to respond to all customers’ questions accurately and efficiently.

 The Harrods Employee Experience

Harrods recognise that engaged staff are happy, consistent performers who feel compelled to progress their careers with the store. The management team also acknowledge that engaged employees forge good relationships right across the business; with line managers, senior management and with customers. For this reason, employee engagement is an important part of Harrods’ strategic vision.

 The rewards for employees are good. For example, top sales associates can be recognised through the Harrods 100 programme or the Harrods Rewards for Excellence that involves a gala evening with an Oscars-style ceremony where people are nominated regardless of job type. There are 16 winners each season and it is seen as the biggest accolade within Harrods. “We try to make the little things matter and, as a result, 94% of employees have told us they will go the extra mile to service a customer,” says Harrods HR management. “We have a ‘legendary service’ book which highlights great customer service stories that are really exceptional.” Alongside these innovations, there are learning and development opportunities for those motivated by career development.

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Laura Brown, Retail Director at Harrods is responsible for the sales, service, standards and customer experience at the department store. She is also an experienced coach and mentor and devotes time to helping others challenge themselves, develop their skills and reach their own personal potential.

 Laura Brown is a keynote speaker at the CEW2018 in London and Birmingham and will explain how Harrods achieved the status of being a top employer and the impact it has had on their people, their clients and their results.

 More About Harrods

As a luxury department store, Harrods provides the latest men's and women's designer fashion, luxury gifts, food and accessories. With over 330 departments they offer a wide range of luxury products and services, including clothing for women, men, children and infants, electronics, jewellery, sporting gear, bridal trousseau, pets and pet accessories, toys, food and drink, health and beauty items, packaged gifts, stationery, housewares, home appliances, furniture and more.

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