The digitised customer has arrived, is your business ready?

The countdown has started! With one week to go, we are getting ready to host the most advanced, the most insightful customer experience conference in the UK - ever!


It is also going to proof the most important conference businesses will attend in 2017. The digitised customer has arrived, is your business ready?

Consider the 2017 Customer Experience World Conference as the place to learn what Robotic Process Automation is how to use it and what other thoughts and business leaders are doing with it today and what to expect in the future workplace!

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What will you learn?

•    Car manufacturer, BMW, predicts: “75% of Manufacturing Jobs will be Lost to Robotic Process Automation” – Job losses, how will your business deal with this?
•    Have the 4P’s of Marketing been displaced by the Digital P’s, where B2B and B2C are under attack from M2M? – What does all this mean for your business?
•    Are the analogue dinosaurs of yesterday truly extinct with the digital disruptors dominating the landscape? – Is the digitised customer truly king in your business?
•    …. And so much more

To assist you to get the most out of the conference during the Day Two Workshop we are going to help your business embark on its digital journey! We will discuss a particular aspect of your business that you would like to ‘digitise’ during the workshop.

We are going to focus on:
•    Revenue
•    Cost
•    Customer Experience 

All of which are underpinned by: 
•    People 
•    Process and, 
•    Technology

When you think about your business’s digital journey, the 2017 Customer Experience World Conference will assist you to look at the impact of each of the business drivers that ultimately impact shareholder value.

Business Analysts called 2016 “the year of the robot” but what can we expect in 2017 and beyond? As robotic process automation (RPA) is a key digital transformation strategy, many questions have arisen regarding the best use cases and how to create the digitised customer experience as the centre of the business. 

Come and find answers at 2017 Customer Experience World Conference to fully understand the impact of robotic process automation in your business and how it will be beneficial to your end customer experience but also either increasing revenue or decreasing cost. 

Registration can be done conveniently online or contact Maggie Wheeler for assistance