Special Treatment for Special Guests

Our team have gone to great.lengths to make certain Customer Experience World 2018(CEW2018), is one of the finest customer success events in the world. They have made sure your event will be truly remarkable.

We are proud to have as one of our sponsors, Hands On Treatment, a professional mobile massage service. Their team of trained therapist will be on standby to ease aching heads, necks and shoulders with a relaxing 15 minute seated massage.

Not only will you enjoy some welcome time-out, but our therapists will leave you feeling calmer, and more energised, ready to absorb all the great speakers and sponsors we’ve lined up for CEW2018. This year’s event will be buzzing with new content, great ideas a wealth of practical knowledge to accelerate your customer success initiatives.

CEW2018 success will bring together the best speakers, top thought leaders and key industry experts to bring you up-to-speed on the future of customer success.

As one of the leading customer experience events in the world, CEW2018 has a long-standing reputation for quality, ensuring this premier event hosts international business leaders. Exchange ideas, make new partnerships and share information on every aspect of customer experience. This two-day event can lead your organisations' next wave of customer success.

Reserve your spot now at this premier event taking place in Johannesburg between 13 & 14 March at Turbine Hall in Johannesburg. We look forward to sharing this special event with you.

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