How to understand the ever-changing world of Customer Experience

“Quality is another crucial link between different parts within the silos of an organization, and silos should be eliminated and replaced toward full communication, collaboration and synchronized actions working together to achieve companies successful outcomes. 

This is to ensure customers achieve their desired outcome and a sustainable customer experience, “ says Ricardo Saltz Gulko founder and CEO (Managing Principal) of Eglobalis, a boutique global specialized consultancy firm helping companies to enhance their customer experience, quality, simplification and ability to innovate with a practical hands-on approach, generating innovative outcomes for their customers based in Munich and serving companies such as Samsung,  ThyssenKrupp, SAP among others. While Ricardo is fluent in 5 languages, the most important language he understands and speaks is Quality interaction points with Simplification, Services, and Customer Experience. “The mix between Quality, Simplification and Customer Experience is powerful”, he emphasizes.

The team at Eglobalis connect quality, people, design, data-driven services, simplification and technology closely tied to Services and Customer Experience. 

The main theme of Ricardo's presentation revolved around how Customer Experience, Quality, and Simplification, alongside people, technology, design can transform your company into a Customer Success Engine and enhance your Customer Experience and real ability to innovate & positively impact your bottom line. 

During his presentation, Ricardo emphasized the importance of applying innovative and practical ways to create and develop better customer value and simplified experiences. These elements result in a customer-centric environment and ultimately real ability to innovate and a successful business. 

In his Keynote address, Ricardo drew on his engagement as a customer with Medtronic, a global leader in medical technology and devices designed to enhance and save lives. Using this company as an example he explained four key points in the Medtronic Culture: 

  • Focus: the company is committed to achieving expertise, and  have a clear vision of where they are heading and a plan to achieve these ideals (Medtronic 100 Years Plan) 
  • People & Collaboration: they partner and involve key stakeholders, knowing that diverse talent and skills lead to better outcomes.  This involvement extends to other companies, partners, and also detractors and promoters who provide valuable feedback, that helps this company in their constant improving approach and searches for excellence. Both their employees, customers, and business partners around the world including doctors and researchers, make Medtronic one of the best customer experience companies around the globe, using their superior quality, simplified products as a leverage tool for customer success. Which means to extend life and keep people alive. 
  • Design, simplification & Technology: Medtronic employs bold thinkers who create new ideas and bring the best possible solutions forward to benefit patients, partners, and customers 
  • Quality, Delivery & Responsibility: the people working Medtronic set a  much higher standard in delivering results and if compared with any other brand people tend to admire such as Apple, Zappos, and even Amazon.

 6 Key Takeaways using Medtronic as an example of a company committed to CS included: 

  • Not to leave quality to chance. It’s a core pillar of CX and CS3 Ps that work – planning, prevention, and productivity
  • Focus on quality holistically, not just in products/services, but in everything.
  • Be transparent, clarify  expectations  & performance  communicate issues  early. 
  • Treat your people as your best part as Med does since 1949. They Will Ensure The Success of Your Customers  Until 2349.

Adopt Quality as a culture of excellence, as when done right it will decrease costs in several areas including  R&D, Services, Operations and costs related rework and help to simplify your company.

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