How to respond to Digital Disruption

To succeed in today's digital world, companies must move beyond their deeply entrenched "people/process/technology" frameworks and adopt a fundamentally different model for business transformation, one that is more in sync with the emerging digitally networked reality.” Ted A. Fernandez, Chairman & CEO of The Hackett Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: HCKT).

Customers now communicate, engage and share using digital technology and media. More alarming though, they now measure the performance of your business based on their experiences digitally and will expect rapid response times with a seamless omnichannel experience seeking real-time information. 

You will find that the traditional business focus on customer-centricity, enhancing the customer experience mainly on building and growing the business around the customer needs, looking from the 'outside in'.

The business however that focus on digital transformation will have customer-centricity at the very core of their business which will give them the advantage on customer experience, simply because:
•    Digital disruptors focus of improving or simplifying the lives of the customer
•    They are building and growing their business based on the customer’s perspective and not on an established business model
•    The digital technologies they source to build their products and services will assist to direct their focus on a much higher degree of customer-centricity
•    They moved away from the traditional business models of  thinking from the ‘outside-in’ and through the digital transformation now adopted the ‘inside-out’ approach

At The Focus Group, we have seen many businesses challenged as a result of the digital disruption. The Customer Experience World (CEW) Conference will, rather than dwell on the threat of disruption, focus on the business opportunities presented by the increasingly digitised world their customers live in.

The time is now; not just to react to technology disruption but for today’s business to drive the disruption themselves; transforming from digital followers to digital leaders, while embracing digital transformation to not only disrupt current markets but also to move into new ones.

At the CEW the focus is on assisting businesses to implement a digital strategy that will approach digital innovation for purposes of serving the customer better, including: 
1.    It is the human behaviour and the customer that is driving the digital world of today. The focus should be People first then Technology; we have seen too many businesses approach digital transformation from a technology perspective. Ask first, How are your customers currently using technology to satisfy their needs; then What technology will support these behaviour patterns
2.    According to the 2015 Digital Transformation Review n° 7: Strategies for the Age of Digital Disruption research by Capgemini: 74% of companies respond to digital disruption only after the second year of their occurrence, and 38% responded after the fourth year. The lesson is that the time to act is now. Get started with your digital strategy today!
3.    Did you ask the question, where is your business failing to meet customer expectations? Do you have the answer or do you know how to find the answer? 
4.    To optimise the customer experience the digital strategy must be positioned at the heart of the business. The digital strategy must start with your customer pain points and then assist in identifying how technology can help you solve them. Ultimately technologies like social media, mobile and analytics will enhance the customer experience and serve customers in the way they want and expect.

At the global Customer Experience World Annual Summit we will focus on the customer experience transformation, as a business competitive differentiation, requiring a revolutionary digital strategy. It is not about how you incorporate technology into your business but rather how you use people, process and technology to create new opportunities for your business, ensuring your company serves the customer of today and tomorrow, meeting their expectations.

Learn more how to respond to Digital Disruption at the CEW2017 Conference. Registrations are open for Cape Town, SA and Birmingham, UK!

The time is now; ACT NOW and register today