How to design a digital business model and work with, not for, customers!

What is the latest wave of customer experience thinking that will have a greater impact on the businesses than ever before?

Designing digital business models with automation roadmaps, while investing in people that will work closely with the customer that will ultimately provide C-Suite and senior executives with digital solutions that will drive down cost but at the same time increase ROI. 

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This is the focus of the 2017 Customer Experience World Conference (CEW2017) where we will explore:
1.    Detailing the customer experience strategy where you will use digital automation for business cost savings.
2.    How to get C-suite involved and the customer experience as an agenda item in the boardroom
3.    Incorporate customer experience change management by identifying how to deal with the gaps in your customer service, answering questions like can neuroscience play a pivotal role and various other aspects of the customer experience to consider during digital integration and how this can successfully be implemented.
4.    RPA, Robotic Process Automation, detailing processes, people and technology affording attendees the opportunity to explore a specific aspect of their business for digitisation during the workshop session on Day 2.

The CEW2017 is a cross-industry event for those involved in any aspect of customer experience strategy, design, management & implementation.

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You will meet industry experts and thought leaders who provide advice, service and/or products to help CX executives understand the profound effect that the next wave of customer experience will have on their business.

The countdown has started! With less than a week to go we are getting ready to host the most advanced, the most insightful customer experience conference in the UK - ever!

"Now more than ever Business Leaders need a model that works is simple and covers all bases. From earnings growth to people and talent strategies, to deeper customer relationships, in this book finally, we’ve got one" Paul Thandi - CEO, NEC Group

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