How do you deal with a Digital revolution?

Customer Experience, in the Business World, is “the product of an interaction between an organisation and a customer over the duration of their relationship.”

The Alan Sugars of this world immerse themselves in every nook and cranny of their business and it’s long been a known fact that Richard Branson created Virgin Airlines due to bad service he received. But knowing your business and knowing the experience created by your business are not the same. Does everyone have to ride the rollercoaster, to judge the rollercoaster experience, or should we just rely on customer survey data?

Digital has most certainly brought the world closer together in terms of accessibility but in this era of Digital, virtual and Transglobal socialising, selling and services- how difficult has it become to keep your eye on the Customer Experience? There are challenges that face Companies, but the good news is there are solutions too!

The First Digital Leadership Event, 21st February, London will bring to you answers to such questions as:

• What does Digital Leadership mean for market Leaders in 2017 and beyond?
• What are the challenges for leaders, seeking to adapt their businesses to satisfy the demanding, digital consumer?
• How do you take control, and shape an ambiguous future?
• Is Virtual/augmented reality just a fad or does it have application for business?
• How and where do you start Digital transformation?

Our leading experts tackling these issues come from a wide range of Industries, but all possessing experience and knowledge ready to pass on to you:

Our Chairperson, Jeremy Nicholas will be opening and closing the event with his unique style and no doubt a few stories as well,

Geoff Ramm - Author of Celebrity Service’, ‘OMG Marketing’ & ‘OMG Strikes Back’ rounds up the day with an insightful view on how to look deeper, think smarter and create better.

Dr Nicola Millard - shares ‘The 6d’s Shaping the Future of Work’ through her role as Head of the Customer Insight & Futures in BT Global Services’ Innovation Team.

Matt Ballantine - takes us back to childhood with an engaging look at how adapting styles of personal and organisational play can (and will) increase your digital innovation success.

Lee Bryant - from Post*Shift opens up the floor on the depths of digital Transformation, Digital strategy and networks.

Ian Jindal - InternetRetailing’s Top 500 retailers and brands possess tips and tools for maximising success through CX.

Bian Salins - born in the dotcom era, Bian champions Digital technologies for driving business change.

Richard McCrossan - will guide you through the digital ecosystem, buffer the shock from the changes and lead you to success. 

Working at our Sponsor Genesys, Richard deals with:

• Artificial intelligence and automation
• Brand differentiation and customer satisfaction
• Virtual/augmented reality
• Internet of everything

With a study by Oracle stating that 74% of senior executives believe that customer experience impacts the willingness of a customer to be a loyal advocate- Can you really afford to miss this golden opportunity?

If you only go to ONE EVENT this year- make it Digital in 2017- don’t miss out!

Best wishes,

Maggie Wheeler 

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