Game On with Rod Jones

Game On’s Gary Segal and Jono Endean collaborates with call centre guru, Rod Jones.

Game On’s Gary Segal and Jono Endean recently met with call centre guru Rod Jones to talk customer experience and innovative call centre solutions. Game On found it’s origin in the design and implementation of call centre people coaching solutions, which saw Gary Segal and Rod Jones forming a long-lasting mutually beneficial relationship.

“Rod can truly be called the guru of call centre. He is a renowned thought leader in the industry and collaborating with him always expands my thinking around call centre solutions. Game On is one of Rod’s recommended professional partners on his website,, and I have had the pleasure of working with him to craft people solutions in call centres for several years,” says Game On Performance Solutions CEO, Gary Segal.

The vibrant breakfast meeting covered topics ranging from Game On’s participation in the March 2018 Customer Experience World, Rod’s exciting role as brand ambassador to Zailab, the South African-developed omnichannel contact centre software platform that is rapidly gaining international recognition.  

“I like your parallel journey,” Rod Jones commented when Jono Endean shared the proposed outline of Game On’s presentation at Customer Experience World Johannesburg in March 2018. “We will present a case study from work done in a large South African bank’s credit division, showing how we embarked on improving not only Customer Experience, but Employee Experience too – the rationale is that EX has a major impact on CX in call centres. If we can improve the conversations between people at work, this will positively impact the conversations those people have with their customers,” explained Game On Chief Operating Officer, Jono Endean.

Call centre guru Rod Jones summarised it well: “If you can say this is what we saw, this is what we did, and this is how it improved people and customer performance outcomes, you’re adding real value to the call centre environment.”

It’s Game On for people solutions that have a measureable impact on EX and CX, impressing the call centre guru himself.

Game On Performance Solutions will be presenting on the 14th of March 2018 at Customer Experience World in Johannesburg. More information at

Author: Michelle Wolfswinkel

Game On Performance Solutions has proven to be a game changer in the Credit and Fraud divisions of a large South African bank. We will share a case study showing how we boosted Customer Experience through improving Employee Experience, enabling a culture of Leadership Coaching and implementing Game Plans to guide every player interacting with a customer.