CX Management: Should We Shouldn’t We?

Customer Success means Business Success. It's imperative for a business to sustain growth and play a significant role in a nation's social development. Yet in a down economy business divest, reduce and curtail marketing investments.

“Downsizing during an economic downturn is business suicide.”

Rod Jones, world renowned Independent Call Centre Consultant,has this compelling argument which he's going to reveal at the CEW2018 Conference in Johannesburg & Cape Town.

For the first time ever the Customer Experience World conference will be hosting a Master Class, for attendees to dive even more deeply into the Customer Success story. During this practical, hands-on Master Class,various components of an effective Customer Success Management programme will be discussed and detailed by Rod Jones.

Rod Jones will guide participants to use the Zailab Conversation Cloud platform to design, configure and deploy a real-time, fully-functioning omni-channel customer interaction centre.

As an independent consultant to the contact centre industry, Rod Jones is internationally recognised as a Thought Leader, Industry Analyst, Strategic Adviser and Subject Matter Expert in the complex and specialised field of customer service delivery.

Rod is passionate about assessing and auditing call centres and contact centres focusing on operational issues impacting them.

Attendees will take home a far deeper understanding of a customer’s desired outcome and how to provide an awesome experience with every interaction and touch point within their business.

Your business will derive massive benefit from being at this premier event on 13 & 14 March in Johannesburg.

Watch the video below:

With a strong Customer Success Programme in place, your business has an awesome opportunity to increase both its value and its profit. Register for the CEW2018 where you can still enjoy Early Bird Specials


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