Customer Success Means Business Success

Until recently, customer service was a way to differentiate your business, by using skills, focus and care to deliver customer satisfaction. Of course, it is common knowledge that for customers, service only forms part of their overall experience – and it is this experience that plays a critical role in their perception of your brand, product or organisation. 

However, even focusing on the customer experience is no longer enough to truly differentiate yourself in today’s market, which is why the focus of Customer Experience World 2018 (CEW2018) will be on how to drive customer success and how this will make your enterprise stand out from the pack. 

The businesses that get their heads around this concept most effectively will experience customers as a transformative driving force. Customer success means exactly that: being proactive about ensuring the success of your customer. Being proactive in this way means looking at the future and anticipating their needs, but it also means answering questions your customers haven’t even thought of yet. 

The mission of customer success is to build proven value faster, for both customers and companies alike. In a world of tight margins and extreme competition, customer success is one of the key factors in driving profitability and growth. 

Ultimately, customer success means business success because a successful customer is a happy customer – and a happy customer will become the kind of brand ambassador that will boost your business. You could say that customer success is the ideal way to inspire brand advocacy. 

New Ideas, Insights & Expert Information 

Customer Experience World is recognised as the leading conference event for global business leaders and executives. For this reason, the CEW2018 programme is strategically placed to focus on leading-edge customer success strategies and best practices. Moreover, it offers an exclusive and practical environment for like-minded executives, enabling these leaders to explore and learn how to implement a sustainable Customer Success Programme.

CEW2018 will bring together business executives and informed experts to share knowledge and understandings, and will guide companies in how to successfully design, develop and put into action their Customer Success Programmes. 

Among the critical areas of focus to be discussed will be how to define a strategy to drive customer success processes; the people, business structures and culture required for it to work; the role of technology – including elements like Data Analytics, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence – in customer success; and how to structure the implementation of such a programme. 

As custodians of CEW2018, The Focus Group insists on sourcing and inviting only the best of the best in the customer service and customer experience industry. This approach means they bring only the top experts, thought leaders and business executives who have a wealth of experience in the field of customer success to the event. 

During the CEW2018 conference, these specialists and professionals will reveal and share their own customer success programme methods and impart important knowledge and insights around issues such as reducing customer churn, increasing customer retention and increasing customer revenues.

With this in mind, ask yourself: Can I really afford to miss out on attending CEW2018?