Customer Success is now a Company-Wide Effort

We live in a world where almost everything your customer needs, is right there at their fingertips.  Because of this, customers become less appreciative and more difficult to please. You know what I mean. We are, after all, also customers!

In addition, we have rapid advancements in technology, accessibility to information, product quality amongst competing brands which means most companies operate in an equally competitive environment.

The only differentiating factor for business success lies in customer service, experience and ultimately customer success.


Of course.  This is easier said than done! You have to get it perfect, all of it, including the people, processes, and technologies within your business; aiming to please the customer always so that you differentiate your company with every single customer interaction.

This is Customer Success means Business Success!

....And that is what the CEW2018 conference in London on the 15th and 16th May is all about. Showing you step-by-step how to achieve this with case studies, keynotes, presentations and even a Master Class by some of the top global companies (like Harrods), executives and world-renowned global CX thought leaders and experts.

Customer Success is the key metric a company should focus on.

Customer Success determines the future revenues and business success and is more than just calling customers and customer satisfaction surveys. It’s a company-wide effort that should be entrenched in a company’s culture, organisation structure, information systems, technologies, and processes. The time is now that businesses are more tied than ever before, to the successful outcomes of their customers.

The Business that master the Customer Success mindset, will achieve recurring Business Success.

To learn more about how to make the customer the centre of your business, a company-wide effort, attend the CEW2018 in London at the Park Plaza Victoria in London on the 15-16 May. You will learn how customer success can be a real, embedded, everyday notion running through your business, to achieve Customer Success as a company-wide effort.

We understand the importance that everyone in your business adopts a customer success-oriented approach that will spread across the company. As a result, we are offering CEW2018 Group Bookings of up to 25%.

Ask yourself can I, can my business, really afford to miss out on attending the CEW2018?