Customer Experience - the business challenge of tomorrow?

Customer Experience is unique to every business but with technology enhancements and Internet availability, businesses are struggling to find differentiation from their competitors.  Furthermore by 2020, 85% of customers will control their relationships with a business without human interaction, according to Gartner

The time is now to understand these business challenges and especially how to use the customer experience as a business advantage and differentiator.  Companies like Amazon and Zappos are raising the bar with regards to what the customer expects.  There are a number of tools, technologies and strategies that businesses can use to increase their customer support. There is also a number of world renowned Customer Experience Experts, Specialists and Thought Leaders, globally that have already addressed the customer experience business challenge of tomorrow successfully. 

The Focus Group, known for hosting some of the most advanced Customer Service events, conferences and workshops globally since 2002, approached and invited the most successful customer experience leaders and experts, worldwide,  to share and reveal their customer experience strategies during the CEW2017 conference in London on the23-24 May. 

Our aim is for attendees to leave the conference with ideas that go beyond today's best practice. Ideas that have never been explored in a traditional conference before” said Jeremy Nicholas, chairperson of CEW2017 in London, also known for his live commentary of the Paralympics at London 2012 and subsequent World Championships.

During CEW2017 in London, customer experience of tomorrow will be explained and substantiated by proven strategies, real-life examples and case studies. It is not all about learning and there will also be an opportunity, workshops, to share innovating ideas in interactive groups and working sessions. 
The Business challenges of today and tomorrow were taken into consideration and the CEW2017 will answer questions such as:

  • Customer Experience is becoming dominated by increasing digitisation, with the likely outcome often predicted as soon as the customer journey commences. But at what cost?

  • Digitisation, robotic process automation, artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality (VR) - these are just some of the technologies and trends that have revolutionised the Customer Experience (CX) landscape. What innovations should your organisation be aware of in order to touch your customers - in meaningful and beneficial ways - at warp speed?

  • Are you demonstrating the commercial impact of your CX strategy? How do you get CX positioned in the boardroom?

  • What is the primary driver for Customers?

  • Could neuroscience help you to design a better customer experience?

  • What is the correlation between employee service and customer service and how to engage all your employees to deliver great service for your customers’ every day?

  • How do you build a resilient culture that influences customer service?

  • What are the new ideas on what thought leaders in CX are doing differently to drive outcome success?

  • How to have an End to end CX program adoption and cascading for action methodologies?

  • How to identify the resources that will help you to create the thinking patterns to build a CX strategy that will keep you ahead of the game?

CEW2017 in London is the second customer experience conference for 2017 and was hosted in Johannesburg South Africa very successfully – to the extent that businesses in South Africa requested the conference to be repeated in Cape Town in July 2017!  Everybody attending the CEW2017 Johannesburg South Africa agreed - it was the most insightful customer experience conference ever. 

The conference was exciting with the messaging spot on; well positioned and relevant and aimed at the heart of customer care! I left the conference with some great ideas and in due course, I will share some of the practical ideas with you.” Helena-Anne Jones, National Customer Management, ABSA Home Loans.