A Compelling Reason to Attend CEW2018

Announcing a Valuable Partnership Between CEW2018 & CICM

CEW2018 is proud to partner with The Chartered Institute of Customer Management (CICM) to present the CICM-Fellow (F-CICM) Membership Awards to top achievers in the field of customer service success on the 14 th of March at Turbine Hall, Johannesburg

What a compelling reason to attend CEW2018. To recognise visionary thought leaders who are driving customer excellence and advancing the practice of customer success globally. 

CICM has firmly established itself as an important initiative in the Sub-Saharan African region fostering businesses across the continent to the wider world as efficient, friendly and approachable.

To be recognised in this way is no small achievement. Only the best of the best will stand up to receive the CICM-Fellow (F-CICM) Membership Award.

CICM-Fellow conferment, without any doubt, provides  African businesses across all sectors with an unbelievable platform to maintain, develop and equally importantly sustain customer service levels and satisfaction to the highest standards.

The best place to host these CICM-Fellow (F-CICM) Membership Awards is at CEW2018 Johannesburg, where industry experts and leaders share knowledge and learn best practices in customer-centric success programmes.

The CICM- Fellowship (F-CICM) Membership Awards represent the highest standards of academic and professional excellence in the customer service industry. Recipients will have demonstrated a long-term commitment to leadership, professionalism and ethics.

Criteria for awarding Fellow status includes:

             outstanding leadership and innovation in the customer service and call centre industry;

             successful completion of  CICM Professional Postgraduate Diplomas or an equivalent qualification acceptable to the academic board;

             ten years in a senior management position.

CEW2018, is proud to be associated with CICM. This partnership is a reflection of the excellence to which CEW2018 aspires in all areas of Customer Service.

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