AI for more human interaction Customer Experience

Customers seek more human interaction but artificial intelligence is the only way that businesses today will achieve that.

It is predicted that by 2020, 6 billion active smartphones and 50 billion things will be connected to the Internet, which means more information availability to the customer. Companies are now focused on gaining access to all of the data generated from this level of connectivity, aiming to create a single view of the customer.  Ultimately striving to improve the customer's personalised experiences across the entire business interactions. 

Businesses will ultimately mainly compete on customer experience and artificially intelligence (AI) will become the competitive differentiator.  

AI is not science fiction and is simply a computer behaving like a human, and businesses are now realising how they can leverage AI to improve the customer experience. Consider the following:

  • AI makes information available to the customer in new more advanced ways, with ease. It is all about streamlining the process, whatever the process is.

  • Information or data overflow has been the norm or a trend. AI assists in using data that was previously ignored or thrown away, making sense on how best the data can be used or how to learn from it.

  • By learning from the vast amount of data it enables businesses to make better future business decisions.

  • The aim is to collect complete data sets and analysing patterns within them to ultimately have access to good data that can provide insights not available before.

  • AI is the next evolution in the focus on customer experience by making the application, or the data, available in a more sensible way.

  • Customer apps like Facebook and eBay started to focus on customer experience, and businesses saw that customer apps were easier to use and more self-explanatory to the customer. 

  • Customer experience has become simpler and more intuitive, while businesses have access to a lot more data to deliver a better customer experience in all business interaction touch points.  The only way to achieve this is utilising new systems of intelligence ensuring the delivery of targeted and relevant data for the customer.

  • Customers now expect that all their systems will just work and for a business, the customer experience will be the differentiator between success and failure.

For the business of today, the time is now to take AI seriously. The return on investment is faster actions and decisions, better outcomes for the customer, improved efficiency of operations and employees, reduced costs and innovations in products and services. 

Ultimately AI improves the customer experience by providing more human interaction and the businesses gain happier more loyal customers.