A goldmine of content & learning at CEW2018 London

There is no Customer Success Conference quite as unique and special as the CEW2018 2-day event at the Park Plaza Victoria in London on the 15-16 May.

We have drawn together industry experts, CEOs and top executive suite management to engage, explore and network, at this leading international event.

Added to this mix is a series of interactive sessions where delegates can take home tools they can immediately apply to their customer success programmes.

Lunchtime Session
Julien RioThere will be ample opportunity to engage with the lunchtime sessions, on both days, hosted by Julien Rio CMO at Dimelo.

The sessions will include:

The new challenges of omni-digital customer care
  1. Managing multiple channels
  2. Providing an equivalent level of service
  3. Recognizing customers across channels
  4. Balancing the workload
Opportunities and challenges of a chatbot approach
  1. The right approach with microbots
  2. Advantages of chatbots (workload reduction, information gathering, availability & increased value for the agent)
  3. Collaboration machine / human

As Silver Sponsors to the event, Dimelo will be hosting the Lunch Time sessions ensuring the attendees enjoy a true Gold Mine experience in take-home value.

Dimelo enables companies to manage all their digital customer care channels within a single platform.

As a result, agents can manage multiple channels through a unique interface, increasing their response speed, streamlining resources allocation and levelling the flow during peak periods, ultimately impacting customer satisfaction.
Over 14.5 million messages coming from various sources (email, chat, messaging, social media, etc.) are categorized, prioritized and dispatched to customer care agents using Dimelo each month and more than 830 thousand problems are solved.
Companies using Dimelo not only improve their internal processes but are also available exactly where their clients expect them to be.

 Customer Success Means Business Success

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We have taken every step to ensure you receive the best value at CEW2018. We are offering group bookings to make your experience a true investment in your customer success programmes.
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7+ delegates save a further 25% @ £898.50 per delegate plus VAT

You Need to be There

Enjoy your place with some of the world’s leading thought leaders and leading executives in customer experience on the 15th – 16th May at the Park Plaza Victoria in London.

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