A Customer Success Programme can make or break your business

Now for the first time and exclusive to the Customer Experience World 2018 (CEW2018), a Master Class will be held to discuss and detail various components of an effective Customer Success Management programme.

For those businesses who wish to dive even more deeply into ‘Customer Success as a Business Success’, a Master Class will be held to discuss and detail various components of an effective Customer Success Management programme. 

Attendees at the CEW2018 will take home a far deeper understanding of a customer’s desired outcome and how to provide an awesome experience with every interaction and touch point within their business. 

They will learn strategies for customer success teams and executives; study how to adopt and manage the perceptions of a team’s role from a customer’s point of view and within an organisation; gain an understanding of revenue streams and profitability; and be able to brainstorm and gain insight into the acquisition, analysis and effective use of data for customer relations. 

The Master Class will teach participants how to: 

  • Create a Customer Success Mission

  • Implement Customer Success Programme Metrics to ensure increased value and revenue

  • Integrate a Customer Success Programme with Customer-Centricity

  • Achieve increased Customer Retention using Data Analytics and Voice of the Customer (VoC).

 As the number one customer experience event in the world, CEW2018 has maintained its reputation for quality by ensuring that these master classes are facilitated by top people in their respective fields. In South Africa, Rod Jones, an internationally recognised Thought Leader, Industry Analyst, Strategic Adviser and Subject Matter Expert in the extremely complex and specialised field of customer service delivery, will be presenting the Master Class in Johannesburg and Cape Town 2018.

The Master Classes will inspire and provide helpful guidance to delegates. In teams of four, participants will use the Zailab Conversation Cloud platform to design, configure and deploy a real, fully-functioning omnichannel customer interaction centre that will include: 

  • Define the Organisation structure for the contact centre.

  • Define multiple sites and individual agents and groups and work-from-home agents

  • Define and configure Work Types and establish servicing skills requirements, business values and SLA’s

  • Set up appropriately skilled agents to be able to service customers in an omnichannel environment 

  • Define/Design skills and insights-based routing models

  • Define Inbound and Outbound call flows 

  • Design outbound campaign

  • Define agent and team leader skills requirements (per work type / channel type) 

  • Set up IVR flows and messaging services. (Including using text-to-speech functionality) 

  • Configure QA forms

  • Monitor reports

CEW 2018 is a fantastic opportunity for businesses of all sizes to get to grips with exactly what a Customer Success Programme means and to understand that it is far more than just another business initiative. After all, developing, designing and applying a Customer Success Programme can make or break your business. 

 It is important to appreciate that the ultimate goal of any business is for its customers to be happy – and this is achieved by ensuring that they feel they are being listened to when they communicate with your organisation and that they are receiving value when they engage with your business; all with the least possible effort. 

Therefore the primary aim of CEW2018 is to share knowledge and to ensure that your business is able to make any customer interaction, at any and all touch points along the way, a positive experience.

With a strong Customer Success Programme in place, your business has an awesome opportunity to increase both its value and its profit. Register for the CEW2018 in Johannesburg and Cape Town where you can still enjoy Early Bird Specials at 50% discounts until 31 December 2017