4 Corner Pieces of Customer Experience, and the Box

The idea of creating a great customer experience is the topic of most business conversations today. How do you create the best customer experience model for your business? 

Comprehending the full extent of such a customer experience model is similar to building a jigsaw puzzle. Ask any keen puzzle builder - you cannot build a puzzle without the box. You need to visualise the picture of the puzzle first to understand what it is that you are building. The box is one of the keys to the puzzle builder’s success; it shows what the puzzle will look like once assembled. The other key to success is the corner pieces that must be in place first before attempting to position any of the other pieces. This point of reference is needed to know how and where each piece connects into place.

Customer experience is no different to a large jigsaw puzzle; only the customer experience puzzle consists of thousands, or even millions of pieces of customer data every day. Wouldn’t it be great for the customer experience professional of today to easily have a comprehensive view of the customer and immediately take data-driven action to deliver better customer experiences?

The Customer Experience World Conference is where the customer experience specialists, experts and thought leaders of the world today, will assist CX professionals to gain a comprehensive view of this customer experience puzzle and how to assemble it.

First, they will show the customer experience puzzle box, detailing what a great customer experience looks like.

  • Strategy - 4 critical strategies allowing the CX professional to instantly carry out a ‘self-audit’ of how compelling the positioning of their current CX strategy is and how to get the CX positioned in the boardroom
  • Trends - Digitisation, robotic process automation, artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality (VR) - these are just some of the technologies and trends that have revolutionised the Customer Experience (CX) landscape. Now envision the next 10 – 20 years - Get ready to take a trip back to the future of CX.

Then each corner piece will be revealed, detailed and discussed.

  1. Personalisation – What is the correlation between employee service and customer service and how to engage all your employees to deliver great service to your customers every day? Could neuroscience help you to design a better customer experience?
  2. Contextualisation - What does the customer really want? An outside-In perspective look on the Customer Experience? How to develop an empirical effective “End to End sustainable CX Excellence program”
  3. Interaction – What is the customer experience gap? Do you treat every customer like a celebrity and is this even possible?
  4. Digitisation - Have the 4P’s of Marketing been displaced by the Digital P’s, where B2B and B2C are under attack from M2M?

Download the Customer Experience World 2017 London Brochure to fully understand the extent of the customer experience puzzle that will be revealed on the 23 – 24 May 2017

If you want to provide excellence above expectation customer experience for your customers join us at Prospero House, London Bridge, London when together with world renown CX thought leaders we will be building the Customer Experience puzzle of today and understanding the next wave of customer experience, together.