13 Benefits of Skilled CX Professionals for CS

Customer Success means Business Success! Looking at the success of the customer then critical to that must be employee success! This holds true as throughout the customer journey it is your employee that will accompany your customer on their journey.

This customer journey can be defined as the ideal path that a customer must follow to get value from your business. We are not only looking at your business product or service but also includes all the activities that the Customer Success team should do with the customers. This means the success of your employee accompanying your customer on their journey.

So, all focus is on employee engagement! Studies have shown that high growth companies have high engaged employees. When your employees are engaged and happy it will flow through to how they interact with customers.

How do you get your Customer Success Team this engaged, this dedicated, this happy?

By attending the Customer Experience World Conference in London at the Park Plaza Victoria on the 15th – 16th May!  Our conference content has been developed with the support of leading brands' CX practitioners to ensure that it provides value and cross industries best practices to achieve employee success resulting in customer success resulting in business success!

It is a known fact that learning outside the organisation allows time to reflect on what you are doing and your role – (Source: https://www.cpdstandards.com/about-us/cpd-research-project/)

Customer Experience World (CEW) is a focused and themed event that will add significant value to your business by providing insights into customer service excellence best practices, globally. More so, we pride ourselves on the fact that the CEW is the only customer experience event offering Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Certification. 

To encourage, assist and support businesses Customer Success Teams to attend the CEW2018 as a group, sharing and learning together, group discounts are available.  Your Customer Success Team  can expect to learn from a master class as well as keynotes, presentations and case studies with the added advantage that CEW2018 is a CPD certified event .

The Benefits for your Customer Success Team to attend the CEW2018 and receive the CPD Certification are:

  1. It will help them to keep their knowledge and skills up-to-date

  2. It will ensure that a professional standard of their qualifications and registrations is maintained. 

  3. It will contribute to their professional sense of direction

  4. It will build their confidence and credibility 

  5. It will equip them with tools to cope positively with change

  6. It will provide career progression and advancement

  7. It will maintain high and consistent standards across the company

  8. It will promote greater employee engagement

  9. It will result in general commitment to job roles

  10. It will enable sharing of best practice and support

  11. It will maximise staff potential, improves staff moral and provides a useful benchmark for annual appraisals

  12. It will help you benchmark your services and will help you get one step ahead of your competitors.

  13. Finally, you will also get input from a broader and global customer experience professional community.

We believe customer experience done well, benefits customers, employees and shareholders. It enables success all round.

Download our  Agenda to learn more  what you can also can expect to learn from a master class as well as keynotes, presentations and case studies.