10 Customer Experience Trends that will impact your Business

It has been predicted by many CX thought leaders and experts that 2017 is going to be a transformative year in the business-customer relationship. The reason for this expected transformation is evident in that customers now have an abundance of channels available to communicate with businesses.

Change in our CX approach makes sense when you put human interaction on one end and AI-driven “bots” on the other; serving one common purpose, improving the customer’s experience. In 2017 we will see how customers use tools to do more for themselves while supporting them with human interaction when they need assistance.

In a recent article, Shep Hyken highlighted that according to Forrester, 72% of businesses indicated that improving the customer experience is their top priority. While NewVoiceMedia indicates that companies lose more than $62 billion due to poor customer service.  Business leaders of today cannot afford to ignore the trends if they want to stay competitive and relevant. 

Shep Hyken suggests these 10 top 2017 CX trends  in the article, Ten Customer Service And Customer Experience Trends For 2017

1.    Companies are making the effort and customer service will improve
2.    Price becomes less relevant with GREAT customer service.
3.    Big data will guide businesses with accurate insights coupled with technology enhancements that will make it easier to track customer preferences and purchasing habits.
4.    Artificial Intelligence (AI) will become an Intelligent Assistant assisting businesses to make better decisions impacting the customer positively.
5.    Online text conversations, chatbots, will respond to customer questions and requests quicker and more effectively.
6.    There will be more focus on customer success ensuring a successful relationship and experience with the business.
7.    Detecting problem areas and fixing them before the customer notice is gaining in popularity. In 2017 a great emphasis will be on pro-active customer service.
8.    Less phone usage for customer interaction and more social media, AI, chatbots, self-service etc. will become the norm in 2017.
9.    Response times for customer complaints, questions and comments will be faster than ever before.
10.    Most importantly if you want to stay competitive in business, your customer interaction must become more convenient than your competition. 

The Focus Group recognised this ‘next wave of customer experience’ in 2017 and offer guidance during the Customer Experience World Conference in Cape Town. This conference will  assist businesses to adopt new customer experience strategies by:

•    Providing real examples of how world class CX thought leaders incorporate these CX advancements in their businesses
•    The practical next steps offered by these CX thought leaders to deliver a differentiated customer experience
•    And more….

Fact remains, customer expectations for fast, effective and personalised customer experience are shaping businesses in 2017. Don’t stay behind.