10 critical business future trends impacting the digitised CX

Digitisation at what cost to the business is the question on every CEO’s mind at present! Many businesses today view robots and artificial intelligence (AI) as future business tools with the potential to reduce costs, expand skills, and improve the customer experience working alongside humans. Others are concerned with potential job losses and the impact on the local and global economy.

Leading experts in their chosen fields agree that in order to create more meaningful customer experiences, AI has the power to analyse huge amounts of data including human behaviours and emotions. But how?

 The Customer Experience World 2017 conference will focus on these 10 critical business future trends impacting the digitised customer experience today:

  1. Why digitised EX and CX are becoming more tangible as the business benefits out way the financial out lay (or do they?).
  2. Understanding and insight into current and future digitised CX trends and innovation
  3. How to define the digitised CX strategy of tomorrow plus position it in the boardroom?
  4. While fear of job losses are a reality for some, what should the correlation between employee service and customer service, in the digitised business of tomorrow?
  5. So in a digitised business world how will we understand the customers' emotions and thoughts
  6. What drives your customer really? Does the customer need more technology or more human interaction?
  7. What is the current gap in your customer service and how do you define the process steps for improvement?
  8. How to build a resilient culture internally that will influence digitised customer service?
  9. How will customer privacy affect online communities as well as tactics to improve customer acquisition and retention in a digital world
  10. Will Ai and Robotics’ fill the void of the up -sell cross- sell opportunities lost today in the virtual contact centre?

 Join us in Birmingham on the 17th October at the CEW2017 and learn from leading experts how to assist your business, drive Innovation, change and leadership whilst keeping the customer in the Loop!