Master Class

Now for the first time and exclusive to the Customer Experience World 2018, a Master Class will be held to discuss and detail various components of an effective Customer Success Management programme.

Attendees at these Master Classes will take home a far deeper understanding of a customer’s desired outcome and how to provide an awesome experience with every interaction and touch point within their business.

They will learn strategies for customer success teams and executives; study how to adopt and manage the perceptions of a team’s role from a customer’s point of view and within an organisation; gain an understanding of revenue streams and profitability; and be able to brainstorm and gain insight into the acquisition, analysis and effective use of data for customer relations.

The Master Class will teach participants how to:

  • Create a Customer Success Mission
  • Implement Customer Success Programme Metrics to ensure increased value and revenue
  • Integrate a Customer Success Programme with Customer-Centricity
  • Achieve increased Customer Retention using Data Analytics and Voice of the Customer (VoC).

These Master Classes promise to inspire and provide additional practical and helpful guidance to delegates.

A Genuine Opportunity to Improve Business Success!