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How Simplicity & Simplification (S+S) Leadership are winning in a Complex World


The Simple Truth about Leadership Success, “Simplify & Make Simple”” 

Culture of CX + (S+S) - Instigate Innovation & Growth - Leading by S+S - Crafting the Action

Four main issues we will address and answer, throughout Simplicity + Simplification (S+S) talk:

1. Why we all contributed to complexity and what will it take to make it simple?

a. Short examples, Aldi, Amazon, Cloud Solutions.

2. How do you ensure that real innovation and growth works within your corporate ecosystem? 

a. Lessons learned from SAP. 

3. How to lead and design a culture of “simple and simplified” strategic experiences?

a. Dos and don’ts and what is organization barrier for S+S.

b. Samsung as an example.

4. How to craft your corporate action plan to win with S+S strategy?

Leadership and ability to adapt and change will define your corporate future. “In this complex world, the success stories almost always include simplicity as a leverage tool to growth, amazing Employee & Customer Experience, Design and Innovation Enablement. 

Companies such as Aldi, Netflix, SAP, Amazon, Tesco, BMW are winning or regaining growth due to their leadership strategic S+S focus. They got the basics – getting from point A to point B – was a straight line of successes and growth. Now from point B to point C, will be a different story.

What you will get when you attend

  • It will help lead your organization into simplicity and simplification S+S strategic models and mindset; benefiting employees’ performance, productivity, and generating real innovation. It helps companies to craft a much sharper human-centric strategic focus, whether they are stakeholders on c suite, employees, partners or customers.
  • When people lose focus and companies create unnecessary procedures, process, methods and work, they will rarely achieve the level of results necessary to outperform competitors, retain customers and employees and outperform human expectation. This presentation will help you to address those issues within your organization in a practical manner.
  • The focus should be on employee engagement, change adaptability and enablement with your practices, process, and adequate ecosystems for your business. If there is too much chaos in the workplace, there is no satisfaction, productivity and results. Too much chaos prevents real innovation, design, engagement, creativity and growth. Therefore, this is the time for change.
  • Until organizations transform what seems unchangeable or problematic, their “culture of complexity," --which often is self-inflicted, as a result organizations will develop in slow pace.
  • Defining the simplicity strategy, with a clear and sharp long-term vision, action plan, changing control practices, decision-making process, multilayers hierarchic as measuring outcomes, are an initial form of starting to reignite your talent and customers toward successful outcomes.
  • We will discuss how to get S+S right. We will share ideas about how to start the S+S journey and execute on it, to create a more vibrant, meaningful and simplified strategy, which often leads to enhanced satisfaction, purpose, loyalty and generates growth.
  • In this complex world, the success stories almost always include simplicity as a leverage tool to growth in Employee, Customer Experience, Design and Innovation Enablement. Companies such as Aldi, Netflix, SAP, Amazon, Tesco, BMW are winning or regaining growth due to their strategic S+S focus. They got the basics-- getting from point A to point B-- was a straight line of successes and growth. Now from point B to point C, will be a different story.
Simply put simplification in your strategic road map, and ensure customer experience success, real innovation, retention as well as maximized revenue and share value.
Ricardo Saltz Gulko

About the Speaker

Ricardo Saltz Gulko | German, Israeli, Brazilian

Managing Director and Co-founder
Eglobalis Customer Experience, Innovation & Design Agency

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Connecting Businesses with Today’s Mobile-First Consumer 


In today’s busy, connected world, it is absolutely essential for organizations to ensure that their websites and digital experiences function quickly and intuitively on mobile devices. 


Even a one second delay in page load speed results in a 7-percent conversion loss and an 11-percent drop in page views. Building your website with AMP is a simple and robust way to ensure it is fast, user-first, and lucrative. AMP also enhances the long-term success of your web strategy with distribution across popular platforms and reduced operating and development costs. 

It's like having a team of website performance engineers working for you, with new updates every week. Join a Google expert to learn how you can create websites in a straightforward way with AMP’s open-source library, giving the user a smooth, near instant load experience.

Telling Better Stories Across the Open Web Content consumption on mobile is changing, with engaging, full-screen storytelling formats becoming increasingly popular. While the web has the capabilities to support the creation of this type of content, the technical investment can be challenging. AMP stories enables the creation of visual content that is fast, open, and user-first in a way that is simple. Now, these stories can be monetized with ads like your existing web properties. In this session, you’ll learn why publishers like CNN, Washington Post, and BBC are publishing AMP stories across the web.

About the Speaker

Nicholas Cumisky | UK

UK Mobile Lead

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Business Messaging: Meet Consumers Where They Are


Millions of businesses rely on SMS to communicate with mobile consumers. Credit card fraud alerts, flight status updates, and package delivery notifications are common examples of business-to-consumer SMS. Though SMS meets the consumers needs for instant notification, it lacks the interactivity and personalization consumers expect.


RCS Business Messaging upgrades SMS with branding, rich media and analytics that lead to better consumer engagement. With RBM, businesses can bring branded, interactive mobile experiences, right to the default messaging app. By 2020, 86% of smartphones will be RBM-enabled. Join a Google expert to learn about the future of messaging and how major brands like Subway and are already using this technology to reach their customers.

About the Speaker

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