Master Class

As a bonus, we are offering a 4 hour Master Class to workshop and discuss various components of an effective Customer Success programme. 

Attendees of the Master Class will take home a far deeper understanding of what their customer’s desired outcome and success truly looks like, as well as how to implement a programme that facilitates customer success with every interaction and touch point within your business.

Attendees will also learn effective strategies for customer success teams and executives; their true roles within the organisation as well as from a customer’s point of view. During the Master Class we will also share concepts on how you can gain insight into the acquisition, analysis and effective use of data for an effective customer success programme.

The Master Class will teach participants how to:

  • Create a Customer Success Strategy & Culture

  • Integrate a Customer Success Programme with Customer-Centricity

  • Implement Customer Success Programme Metrics to ensure increased value and revenue

  • Achieve increased Customer Retention using Data Analytics and Voice of the Customer (VoC).

This Master Class promise to inspire and provide additional practical and helpful guidance to delegates.

About the Speaker

KK Diaz

Customer Success Champion
A-Game Business Consulting

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