Lunchtime discussions

As an added value to your attendance at Customer Experience World, there will be a number of discussions running during the lunch-time slot for you to attend which you can you can decide on the day upon registration:

383 Project

How to assess and act on your current business ability to survive in a world of changing customers, competitors and technology.


Details to follow


Day 1 - The new Customer: How evolving expectations impact customer care?  
Day 2 - Messaging: The Web chat is dead, long live Messaging


Day 1 - Improving CX by improving AX
Day 2 - How to clone your best agents:  Why Knowledge Management is critical to CX


Book signing by Steven Walden, author of Customer Experience Management Rebooted

Day 1 – Co-creation way to customer experience
Day 2  - Co-creation present signing  


Using Emotion Analytics to Deliver World-Class Customer Experiences.