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CEW 2018 - the world's leading customer success event.
Now including a Master Class programme.


The anatomy of a successful Customer Success Team in relation to the overall business staffing levels, as well as skills and knowledge needed by the team members.

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Customer Success Program models detail activities of the Customer Success team - tasks including outcomes and effects on Customer Retention and Relationship Optimization.

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Digital transformation systems and tools necessary to implement a Customer Success Program with a strong focus Data Analytics, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

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Now a Master Class is included in the CEW2018 program to teach, discuss and detail various components of an effective Customer Success Management programme.

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Key take-aways from our events

   A genuine opportunity to improve business success

CEW 2018 is the premier customer experience event available for Customer Experience professionals from around the globe. It draws together the best speakers, the top thought leaders and the key industry experts worldwide to bring you up to speed on Customer Success Programs, and the role customer success will play in it.

   Attendees at our Customer Experience conferences will take home:

A far deeper understanding of a customer’s desired outcome and how to provide an awesome experience with every interaction and touch point within their business. They will also learn:

  • Strategies for customer success teams and executives;
  • Study how to adopt and manage the perceptions of a team’s role from a customer’s point of view and within an organisation;
  • Gain an understanding of revenue streams and profitability;
  • Brainstorm and gain insight into the acquisition, analysis and effective use of data for customer relations.
  • How to ensure customers succeed in using their products or services.

It is important to appreciate that the ultimate goal of any business is for its customers to be happy – and this is achieved by ensuring that they feel they are being listened to when they communicate with your organisation, and that they are receiving value when they engage with your business; all with the least possible effort. With this in mind, ask yourself: Can I really afford to miss out on attending CEW2018?

   Customer Magazine for SA Attendees

CEW2018 SA delegates will each receive their own copy of The Customer Magazine published by the Chartered Institute of Customer Management (CICM.)

This world-class publication is filled with the latest and best articles on customer engagement. It strives to promote customer excellence by bringing readers the very best content and latest business trends in customer success.

As a genuine opportunity to improve customer success, CEW2018 will deliver an outstanding experience. Delegates will receive The Customer Magazine, giving them the opportunity to learn from African industry best practice leaders.

African customers have gone past the level of merely buying products and services; they buy results. Despite what some brands may still think, customer service and customer experience are actually two very different paradoxes towards a nexus! Although clearly they often cross over, brands should have a different strategy for both.

Editor Benson Mukandiwa / The Customer Magazine

Leading CX speakers reveal their own CX insights

Just some of the CX speakers you'll find at our events around the world

Jeremy Maggs Event Chair Journalist & TV Presenter

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Jeremy Nicholas Event Chair Writer & Broadcaster

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Geoff Ramm Multi-award winning speaker Author of Celebrity Service

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Annette Franz Founder/CEO CX Journey Inc

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Inge-Marie Hilligan Head of Strategy and Transformation Standard Bank CRR

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Jan Richards Head of Insights & Planning Dublin Airport

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Laura Brown Retail Director Harrods

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Rod Jones Independent Consultant Contact Centre Consulting

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